In answer to your question, “Will WGA return the support if teamsters have to strike to get a deal?” This writer would.

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Hi Richard. I am hoping this can be posted, since many of my comments on this issue have been not posted to Deadline. I have an important question on last night's rally and meetup. Was there any person in any of the unions there who also happens to be an Oscar nominee and/or winner and/or a Governor's award winner? I have seen perhaps a select few of them putting their neck out there like Tony Kushner. But there needs to be more. Otherwise, this will fall into the same category as 2007: a few Oscar winners or nominees supporting the WGA while the vast majority do not and, using AMPAS bylaws, pretty much put an end to any work stoppage. Back then it was going to be moving forward to broadcast the Oscars.

Apple is scheduled to have their WWDC event on June 5. With the recent AI talk, I would expect the next Apple event to be focused on artificial intelligence and for Apple to introduce their newer devices and software that will make Chat GPT look like kid's play. And this could be a quantum leap in AI. Once that happens, there is no going back. As it stands, there are many benefits to AI and computers. That will be for another discussion. I also expect Apple to announce they are purchasing Disney this year, which is inevitable at this point. This would also be a quantum leap in AI, should that happen.

As it relates to labor, I think this is going to be the point when, if this happens, the corporations move on from these negotiations. Because sadly by that point, people not in the entertainment industry will want to see this new experience in entertainment. My advice to the WGA is to be forewarned about this upcoming event. And perhaps become your own creative director and owner of your own independent production. Explore the possibilities of AI, the web and your own version of film and television. At the same time, I would advise any entertainment union to get involved in what is owed to them. Just also have the determination to not be tied to the corporation leadership.

One final idea for the Ankler to think about. If AI could help in reconstructing and preserving the Orson Welles film The Magnificent Amberson's the way Welles intended, augmenting whatever can be found of the source material and letting AI handle the rest; would we want to see this? I think, for me, the answer is yes. That technology and that ability to do reconstruction of an artist's work as intended is coming, faster than we think. Maybe all of us, corporations, WGA, and fans alike, need to at least give AI a chance to be beneficial and not malicious. I hope to have more to say about these things, if allowed by the admin.

Best Wishes,

Robert Kelly

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Just want to point out that is a different Joe Russo.

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General question... if the DGA is refusing to cross lines, doesn't that immediately shut down all guild production everywhere? OR only if there are active people picketing??

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It's important to add that the DGA legally can't refuse to negotiate until the WGA reaches an agreement.

I'm seeing this point argued a lot, "If they really supported us, they'd refuse to talk to the AMPTP" but they are legally required to negotiate in good faith.

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