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A desperate attempt to make the strike bigger than it is, so that it matters more than it does. How can you possibly present something as radical and then mention Harry and Meghan in the same piece? Ah. OK. If you say so...

The word radical and Hollywood are misnomers, as there is NOTHING radical about Hollywood today. What's radical? I like Boots Riley, a talented voice, but this is radical only as an insult: "We want a world where we control the wealth that's created by our labor, and that's going to take the kind of movement that's building now."

Grow up. This is not the reality of working Americans; it's how entitled people speak. Take a look at the world. And all this talk about 'togetherness' is meaningless, as everyone knows, especially in today's world, that as soon as the WGA gets what they want (whatever slice), they will go back to work caring only about themselves. The world is a selfish beast full of selfish, entitled people who think they speak for the masses when they are truly only speaking the language the radical fringe wants to hear. It's an insult to global economic reality and the forces of globalization, etc., that the US fights daily to survive.

I'm sorry, but togetherness today is just a myth. Society is splintered on all sides. Per example: LA takes 600$ million and throws it at the homeless issue - and then the Westside flips as they have to make lifestyle concessions in order to ease the burden of their fellow man. There is no togetherness, it's every man for himself - and what Boots Riley says above is a fear talking. It's more WGA weakness and division spawning.

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